Natural Language Processing

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Natural Language Processing famously known as NLP is an emerging field of computer science. NLP uses algorithms to handle the text data, process, and identify the meaningful insights from it. This helps in understanding the  patterns, opinions of the people that ca assist in examining the behavior of individual and masses. The behavioral analysis helps various users in designing the strategies, policy making, and decision making in both government and private sectors. NPL covers wide range of applications such as Sentiment Analysis, Machine Translation, Text Summarization, Named Entity Recognition, Chatbot and so on. In this course the main focus is towards model building where the user learn to build probabilistic, sequential, vector space, attention models for NLP. In order to take up this course, the knowledge of Advanced Python Programming and basics of Machine Learning is a must. If you are ready to build your own NLP application and curious enough to design your own chatbot join the course now.